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Author Topic: Can someone please start a thread with all MK9 Spoilers?  (Read 18821 times)
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« on: March 11, 2011, 10:44:56 PM »

Hey, I've been seeing a lot of pieces of this master "spoilers" list everywhere, but I haven't found the original text. Can someone post it?? Cyborg Sub would be cool, I might buy it if he looks enough. MK HD Kollection as a bonus for beating the challenge tower would be amazing, but I don't think Ed or WB  would miss the chance to make a shit load of money off that alone.

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« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 11:37:25 PM »

This is from hadoken.net which i think they took it down...Don't read If you still want to be surprised by the game..

In less than 24 hours after the release of the psn demo of Mortal Kombat, hackers were able to extract a file that includes, what appears to be, EVERY single thing about the game: from full roster, fatalities, hidden finishing moves to the entire dialogues of the story mode, even revealing the complete story and ending of the game as well as arcade mode endings for all character.

Keep in mind the next paragraph is full of spoilers that will no doubt ruin the experience of finding out these things by yourself.


- Scorpion

- Sub-zero

- Liu Kang

- Kung Lao

- Sonya

- Cage

- Rayden

- Jax

- Sektor

- cyrax

- Smoke (human)

- Nightwolf

- Stryker

- Baraka

- Sheeva

- Kabal

- Kano

- Shang Tsung

- Kitana

- Mileena

- Jade

- Sindel

- Ermac

- Noob Saibot

- Quan- Chi

- Reptile

- Kratos

- Cyber Sub-Zero

- Gor0

- Kintaro

- Shao Khan

Note: the four legged Motaro did not make the cut.

Bio and endings for all characters (taken from Mortalkombatonline.com’s forums:

Baraka is the fiercest of the Tarkatans, vicious nomadic mutants from the wastes of Outworld. Like all Tarkatan males, he joined Shao Kahn’s army once he came of age and survived the brutal Ritual of Blood. He gained the rank of Enforcer after single-handedly defeating a rebel faction. His loyalty and strength make him a favorite of the emperor; his retractable blades have slain many of Shao Kahn’s most bitter enemies. As a kontestant in the Mortal Kombat tournament, he will ensure his emperor’s claim to Earthrealm.

Shokan and Centaur alike were enraged that Baraka, Shao Kahn’s trusted enforcer, had turned on their master and killed him just as Earthrealm was within their grasp.

But their anger turned to admiration as the lifeless body of Shao Kahn transformed into that of the treacherous sorcerer Shang Tsung. Shang had attempted to claim the realm for himself by posing as Shao Kahn. The deception had not fooled Baraka. He had recognized Shang Tsung’s scent and torn out his throat. With Earthrealm finally in Shao Kahn’s control, Baraka’s loyalty and bold action were rewarded. Tarkatans replaced the Centaur as the emperor’s Favored Race.

A skilled Motswana warrior, Cyrax relies on his natural fighting ability, his chi, to carry out Lin Kuei missions. He is proud to serve, but when the Grand Master initiates a program to convert the clan into cyborgs, Cyrax resists. He is reluctant to lose his humanity, which he believes is more effective than any mechanical augmentation. He has contemplated leaving the clan, fearing that it is no longer an organization of honorable assassins. Cyrax knows, however, that such a decision means death at the hands of his former comrades. No one leaves the Lin Kuei.

Though he had pledged his life to the Lin Kuei, Cyrax left the clan to help the Earthrealm heroes turn back Shao Kahn’s invasion.

For this act of desertion, he was marked for termination by the new Grand Master–Sektor. Surrounded and severely outnumbered, Cyrax prepared to meet his fate when Raiden came to his aid. With him were 100 Shaolin monks. The Lin Kuei were defeated, though Sektor was not counted among the dead. Cyrax was offered sanctuary at the Wu Shi Academy, where he has begun a new life as an honorable warrior for peace.

As punishment for resisting Shao Kahn’s claim to the realm of Edenia, the souls of the vanquished were torn from their bodies and fused together to form the being now known as Ermac. Bent to Shao Kahn’s will, Ermac is his foremost enforcer. The essences of so many souls bound together give Ermac immense telekinetic power–an advantage that will destroy Earthrealm’s resistance to Shao Kahn’s rule.

With Shao Kahn dead, Ermac was no longer bound to him. Anarchy erupted within Ermac as the many warrior souls that comprised his being struggled for dominance.

Only one had the strength of will to quiet the chaos. The conflict resolved, Ermac returned to Outworld, determined to reunite with his past. Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana were shocked to learn the truth: that trapped among the many spirits within Ermac was their husband and father, King Jerrod. Though he would never be the Jerrod they once knew, Ermac would forever serve and protect his queen and the Edenian people.

Prince Goro has brought much honor to the Shokan race by serving Shao Kahn. His bloody achievements include crushed rebellions and conquered provinces. During the past 500 years he has been celebrated for winning the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments for Outworld. Should he defeat Earthrealm’s champion this time, he will become more than legendary. His victory is assured. There are none in Earthrealm who can withstand the might of Goro.

For millennia Shao Kahn had toyed with the proud Shokan race, continuously demanding they prove their worth against the hated Centaur. Goro slew the emperor, ending this indignity.

He then used Shao Kahn’s blood to paint runic symbols on his body—an ancient Shokan ritual of succession. Suddenly the runes began to glow, searing Goro’s flesh. Incredible power surged through him. Goro became Drathon, the Destroyer Prince prophesized to exterminate the Centaur and reunite the Shokan bloodlines.

An assassin for Shao Kahn, Jade has earned a reputation as an agile and stealthy warrior. Her family was Edenian nobility and served the emperor once he conquered their realm, giving Jade to him as tribute when she was a child. After years of rigorous training in the art of kombat, Shao Kahn awarded her the position of Bodyguard to Princess Kitana. Over the centuries she and Kitana have become close friends, which makes Jade’s secret orders from Shao Kahn painful to accept: Should Kitana’s loyalty falter, Jade must kill her friend.

Shao Kahn was defeated, but the intense battle rendered Jade unconscious.

She slipped into a dream-like state and found herself walking in an unknown realm. As she explored, her surroundings shifted and changed. Jade approached a lone figure who stood in the distance–a shimmering woman. She did not reveal her name, but spoke with an air of regal authority. Through the minds of countless mortals, the woman had been watching events as they unfolded over the centuries. She informed Jade that Shao Kahn’s death was an outcome that must be re-imagined. Jade was defenseless as the woman possessed her body and emerged in the waking world.
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« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2011, 11:39:00 PM »

A decorated member of the U.S. Special Forces and a formidable close-kombat warrior, Major Jackson Briggs’ current mission is to bring down the notorious criminal organization known as the Black Dragon. With Lieutenant Sonya Blade, he has seized many of their weapons caches. But when a trusted informant, Kano, was revealed to be a high-ranking member of the Black Dragon, Jax made Kano’s capture his priority. Kano has gotten the better of Jax thus far, leading the Special Forces into numerous deadly ambushes. Jax and Sonya finally cornered Kano on an uncharted island but were overpowered by the island’s inhabitants. They have now been forced into a sadistic ritual of bloody kombat.

After the invasion was thwarted, many of Jax’s allies had seemingly disappeared, leaving him to clean up the mess on his own.

He searched for Shao Kahn’s remaining forces utilizing a new cyber-scanner designed to remotely access worldwide databases. Navigating its virtual reality interface, Jax inadvertently accessed Kano’s brain through his optical laser implant.�aTheir minds linked,�aJax virtually battled Kano. Finally he captured and quarantined Kano’s consciousness within the Special Forces mainframe. A dangerous criminal had finally been neutralized.

There is no greater martial arts movie star than Johnny Cage. Films such as “Dragon Fist”, “Time Smashers” and “Citizen Cage” have made him one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. But there is more to Johnny than even he knows. He is a descendant of an ancient Mediterranean cult who bred warriors for the gods — warriors who possessed power beyond that of mortals. This legacy has made Johnny Cage a star. More important, it will aid him in the battle to come.

As the last remnants of Shao Kahn disintegrated, Johnny felt strange, as if he had lost control of his body.

Suddenly, powerful energy burst forth, destroying everything around him. Johnny sought the aid of Raiden and Nightwolf, but their efforts did nothing to stop these random spasms of destruction. Desperate, Raiden transported Johnny to Seido, the Realm of Order, where he could be taught to control his power. Johnny Cage will transform into a warrior powerful beyond mortal imagining.

Once a member of the Black Dragon clan, Kabal gave up his life of crime and put his fighting skills to more positive uses. He joined the New York City police force to kombat the underworld element he once served. This transition helped ease the pain of dark memories. But when New York was invaded he underwent another transformation–one that would afflict him physically. Severely injured in battle, he is doomed to wear a life support system forever.

Victory over Shao Kahn came with a heavy price.�aKabal’s respirator was badly damaged and if it was not repaired soon, he would surely die.

Desperate, he tracked down Kano and forced from him the identity of the cyberneticist who developed Kano’s eye laser. The good doctor was not easy to find, but he was more than eager to help–for a price. Now Kabal is rebuilt. He is better than he was before. Stronger. Faster. He will need to be in order to repay his debt.

Undisciplined and dangerous, Kano is a thug for hire. From weapons dealing to cold-blooded murder, his military training has made him the go-to man for the Black Dragon. But when an operation went to hell and his face horribly mutilated, Kano’s crime spree was almost ended. Ever the survivor, he used his underworld connections to find a cyberneticist capable of repairing the damage. Kano was fitted with several high-tech enhancements, most notably his eye laser. With these new weapons, Kano’s reign of terror has only just begun.

Kano made a fortune selling arms to Shao Kahn and used the profits to upgrade his cybernetics.

The added connectivity of his eye implant gave him unparalleled access to global communications. Using his mind, he navigated the databases of banks, law enforcement agencies and other networks. But his activities left him vulnerable to hackers. Jax infiltrated Kano’s mind and trapped his consciousness in the Special Forces mainframe. It wasn’t long, however, until Kano managed to free himself. His consciousness spread like a virus throughout the Special Forces network of automated weaponry. Kano has become a one-man army.

Like Goro and Sheeva, Kintaro is of the four-armed Shokan race. Unlike his aristocratic comrades, however, he is of lower-class Tigrar lineage. As is customary when recruiting Shokan and Centaur into Shao Kahn’s service, one of each race must face each other in bloody kombat. Kintaro killed his opponent and, in an unprecedented act of bravado, roared for more Centaur blood. Centaurs leapt furiously into the ring to their demise. This savagery led Shao Kahn to appoint Kintaro his personal bodyguard.

Kintaro’s meteoric rise to glory in the service of Shao Kahn had inflated his ego and his hunger for exaltation.

But his position as the emperor’s bodyguard had stifled any opportunity for further achievement or recognition–save one. After killing Shao Kahn, the most powerful being in Outworld, Kintaro’s fame had grown indeed. He had achieved the notoriety of a traitor. Now hunted by the Centaur, Tarkatan and Shokan, Kintaro lives a life of exile, a victim of his own infamy.

Over 10,000 years old, Princess Kitana remembers little of her early years. Her mother, Queen Sindel, died mysteriously ages ago in Earthrealm. Most of her life she has loyally served her father, Shao Kahn, in his unending quest to conquer the realms. With her closest friend, Jade, Kitana enforces his brutal will. But there is a feeling tugging at her… a feeling that the life she has known is a deception. For the moment, Kitana dutifully works to ensure Outworld’s victory in this latest Mortal Kombat tournament. If she were to lower her guard, however, she might discover that her Earthrealm opponents can lead her to answers.

Kitana had ended Shao Kahn’s life for his betrayal. She had discovered the truth about Mileena…

… but rather than slay her as well, she took pity on her half-sister. She offered Mileena a home within the Edenian aristocracy. She was, after all, of royal blood. Mileena cautiously accepted her sister’s invitation. With Mileena and Jade at her side, Kitana formed a fighting force dedicated to bringing justice to the realms. Never again would a warlord arise to create such terror.

Ancient Greece knew no more bloodthirsty a warrior than Kratos, who for a time was the God of War. Mortal once more, Kratos withdrew from the ages-old clash between men and gods. But his solitude was broken when he was ripped through space and time. As the madness subsided, Kratos found himself in present-day Outworld, kneeling before Shao Kahn. To ensure his victory in Mortal Kombat, the emperor had invoked an ancient ritual, sacrificing the souls of his vanguard to summon and enslave the most powerful warrior of all time. But the spell alone could not contain Kratos, who soon regained his free will. Enraged by Shao Kahn’s arrogance, Kratos vowed to rip the warlord’s spine from his body. The God of War had returned to battle.

Shao Kahn was dead. The God of War had prevailed. The spell that had summoned him began to reverse itself.

As he slowly faded from this place and time, Kratos was approached by Raiden and Fujin. Though he did not count them among his enemies, Kratos had never been beloved by these gods. He prepared for kombat.

To his surprise, they bowed to him, a show of respect he had not seen from an immortal in many an age. Raiden explained that though his motives were not pure, Kratos had saved Earthrealm. He was owed a debt of gratitude. As he returned to his own world, Kratos nodded silently.

Their change of heart would perhaps prove useful one day. A debt of gratitude is often dearly paid.

Kung Lao’s ancestor was defeated by Goro 500 years ago in the pivotal match that saw Shang Tsung attain control of the Mortal Kombat tournament. To him this contest is about more than Earthrealm’s freedom. His life’s goal has been to slay Goro and win the tournament, thus restoring his family’s honor. After being defeated by Liu Kang in a qualifying bout, he disguised himself as one of Shang Tsung’s guards to gain admittance. Kung Lao believes he is ready for the challenge. The time to avenge his ancestor is at hand.

Kung Lao had avenged his ancestor’s death and saved Earthrealm from Shao Kahn’s brutality.

In quiet reflection with Raiden at the grave of the Great Kung Lao, he touched the modest stone marker. Images of past events, moments of someone else’s life, flashed through his mind, concluding with a lost battle against Goro. Raiden theorized that Kung Lao had unlocked memories of his past life. The Kung Lao that stood before Raiden was in fact the reincarnation of the Great Kung Lao, who had been defeated by Goro 500 years ago. He had accomplished in the present what he could not in the past.

Orphaned at a very young age, Liu Kang was raised by Shaolin monks, who taught him the way of the spiritual warrior. They soon recognized his potential as a contender for the Mortal Kombat tournament and rigorously trained him for this task. Raiden, too, understood that Liu Kang was Earthrealm’s best hope for freedom and introduced him to Master Bo’ Rai Cho to further his development. Once fully trained, Liu Kang bested all challengers and earned the high honor of representing the Shaolin in the Mortal Kombat tournament. He and Raiden then embarked on their fateful journey to Shang Tsung’s island to compete in this pivotal kontest.

Having defeated Shao Kahn, Liu Kang believed he was the only one capable of defending Earthrealm against outside threats.

During the invasion Raiden had been more burden than ally. Brazenly he demanded the Elder Gods grant him the thunder god’s status. In a one-match Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu Kang defeated his former friend and mentor. Liu Kang’s request was granted. He was made a god–the new Protector of Earthrealm.

Shang Tsung has created many abominable creatures in his Flesh Pits, but none so twisted as Mileena. A fusion of Edenian flesh and Tarkatan blood, Mileena is both beauty and beast. This dichotomy has made her mind unstable; she is prone to fits of madness and savagery. Though she has the appearance of a mature woman, she is more child than adult–a blank slate conformed to Shao Kahn’s will. Devoid of conscience or remorse, Mileena will butcher anyone to appease her beloved father.

Mileena killed the emperor in a fit of deranged fury. But she was unaware that her victory resulted from Shang Tsung’s designs.

He had imbued Mileena with the ability to drain Shao Kahn’s dark magic, rendering him vulnerable. Now Shang Tsung was ready to execute the next phase of his plan: murder Mileena and take Shao Kahn’s power for himself. But Mileena instinctively wielded her new dark power against the sorcerer. Shang Tsung’s end came quickly. Mileena absorbed his soul, multiplying her strength. She then set out to claim an even bigger prize: the soul of a thunder god.

Nightwolf is one of few Earthrealm mortals with a strong connection to the spirit world. A powerful Native American shaman, he is guided by the empyrean forces and communes with divine beings such as Haokah, known to the East as Raiden. Nightwolf’s devotion allows the Spirits to work through him, granting him unnatural long life and ethereal weapons to kombat the darkness that threatens mortalkind. In the coming crisis, however, it is not Nightwolf’s arsenal that will alter fate. His faith in the Spirits will inspire those who have lost hope.

It took all of Nightwolf’s power to destroy Shao Kahn. His spirit guide, the wolf, had aided him in the battle, but in the aftermath its presence was no longer felt.

Nightwolf returned to his home, seeking the elders’ help in reconnecting to the spirit world. During their ritual, his wolf returned to him–changed. Shao Kahn had tethered his soul to the wolf spirit in order to cheat death. Now corrupted with Shao Kahn’s evil, Nightwolf has transformed into his Animality, his bite converting his victims into subservient lycanthropes. Through Nightwolf, Shao Kahn will conquer Earthrealm one mortal at a time.

Noob Saibot’s origins are unknown, but he is likely a revenant: a fallen warrior resurrected by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi to fulfill a dark objective. Noob has been assigned to aid Shao Kahn in his acquisition of Earthrealm. A faithful servant and a recent addition to the Brotherhood of Shadow, he will obey his master, Quan Chi, and complete his mission. But he is biding his time. Noob Saibot has a dark objective of his own.

Quan Chi should never have resurrected Noob Saibot. Nor should he have enhanced his power to defeat Shao Kahn.

The revenant he created had broken free of his control. Noob had secretly formed an “understanding” with a cleric from the realm of Chaos and opened for him a portal to the Netherrealm. Shinnok, Quan Chi and the Brotherhood of Shadow were unprepared as the forces of Chaos overwhelmed them, leaving the Underworld severely weakened. Satisfied with his work, the cleric, Havik, returned to the realm of Chaos. Noob Saibot remained to seize control of the Netherrealm.

The Netherrealm has produced many vile beings, but none rival the Arch-Sorcerer Quan Chi. In lieu of Netherrealm demons, he prefers to resurrect deceased warriors for use in his sinister plans. Foremost among them is the tortured Shirai Ryu ninja Scorpion, who is Quan Chi’s personal assassin. Quan Chi is building an army of such specters–the purpose of which has yet to be revealed. Another mystery is the sorcerer’s involvement in the Mortal Kombat tournament. The Netherrealm has no stake in its outcome, which leads some observers to question his presence….

Having finally brought about Shao Kahn’s demise, Quan Chi was then tasked with growing the ranks of the Brotherhood of Shadow.

Many warriors had perished in Outworld’s invasion of Earthrealm. Quan Chi stole their souls and remade them to serve his master, the fallen Elder God.

The task completed, Shinnok repaid Quan Chi’s service by ordering his execution, thereby eliminating a possible challenger to his rule.

Quan Chi had anticipated this act of treachery, however, and resurrected Shao Kahn–the ultimate phantom warrior. With Shao Kahn as his enforcer, Quan Chi struck down the Brotherhood of Shadow and Shinnok. Quan Chi forgives betrayal from no one. Not even a god.

Raiden is the God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm. Ageless and wise beyond measure, he leads Earthrealm’s mortals in the endless battle against the forces of darkness. When Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld, threatened to merge his realm with Earthrealm, an overwhelmed Raiden implored the Elder Gods to give Earthrealm a fighting chance. Thus the Mortal Kombat tournament was created. For millennia Shao Kahn has been kept at bay, but nine consecutive losses to Goro have eroded hope that Earthrealm can be saved. Determined to prevent Armageddon, Raiden tirelessly quests to find a champion worthy of Mortal Kombat.

Shao Kahn was gone, but the scars of the merging of realms remained.

Remnants of the invasion force roamed freely and had to be dealt with. But Earthrealm is vast and Raiden is but one being. He recruited four warriors, one for each direction of the wind, and divided his soul, placing one part in each of them. Through these new heroes Raiden can kombat the forces of darkness in four places at once.

His home realm of Zaterra is gone, mysteriously destroyed ages ago. Reptile is the last known surviving member of his race. He has since made Outworld his home. Shao Kahn has made use of Reptile’s mastery of stealth to spy on suspected traitors and slay known enemies of the empire. But the knowledge that he is the last of his kind gnaws at Reptile. He would give anything, kill anyone, if it would bring his realm back from the abyss. Self-pity fuels his aggression as he inflicts suffering and death on others.

Having defeated Shao Kahn, Reptile was feared by all. He forced Shang Tsung to regenerate his Raptor race.

The process took agonizing months, but soon Reptile heard the snarls of young broodlings throughout the Flesh Pits. Eventually�aShang Tsung had created an army of Raptor warriors bred to serve Reptile. They stormed the realm, killing any Tarkatan, Shokan or Centaur who opposed Reptile’s rule. The intoxicating feeling of reuniting with his people blinded Reptile to the suffering of his former comrades. Reptile was home once more.

Hanzo Hasashi was once a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja clan. Given the name Scorpion for his blindingly fast and deadly fighting skill, his life was blessed with glorious kombat in the name of his Grand Master. But when he, his family and his clan were brutally exterminated by Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, Scorpion’s existence became eternal torment. Resurrected by the malevolent necromancer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay Sub-Zero and avenge the murders of his kin.

Shao Kahn’s death did nothing to relieve Scorpion’s pain.�aThe loss of his kin still weighed heavily upon him.

For reasons he could neither explain nor understand, he was drawn to the home of the Shirai Ryu. Standing amid the rubble in solemn contemplation, Scorpion was visited by apparitions of his fallen comrades, who revealed the true mastermind behind their brutal deaths.�a Enraged, he returned to the Netherrealm. As the spirits of his kin immobilized Quan Chi, Scorpion slew him, finally avenging their deaths.

The son of the Grand Master, it was never in question that Sektor would join the Lin Kuei. What pleases the Grand Master is the degree to which his son relishes the life of an assassin. The secretive clan allows Sektor to express his darker nature, using any means necessary to complete his tasks. Hired by Shang Tsung, his current assignment is to attend the Mortal Kombat tournament and eliminate the Earthrealm competitors before they have a chance to compete. Though this mission will put his clan in good standing with Shao Kahn, Sektor’s ultimate goal is to supplant his father as Grand Master of the Lin Kuei.

Sektor had dedicated his life to the Lin Kuei. His victories had brought honor to his father, the Grand Master. He had proven himself worthy.

It was time to replace his father. In a bold attack, Sektor smashed through a company of cyber Lin Kuei guards as he pushed toward the Grand Master’s chamber.�aThere he found his father waiting. The Grand Master warned him that wearing the Dragon Medallion brought much power, but at a cost.�aSektor ignored the warning and slew his father, whose soul burst from his body and flew into the medallion. Sektor placed the artifact around his neck. He had finally seized control of the Lin Kuei.


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A treacherous sorcerer who consumes the souls of his victims, Shang Tsung has played host to the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments in Earthrealm, stacking the odds in favor of his master. Originally from Earthrealm, Shang Tsung’s magical abilities led him to discover the realm of Outworld. There he fell in league with its ruler, Shao Kahn, and pledged his life to him in return for enhanced power. He is now bound to the emperor by powerful dark magic. For centuries he has submissively done Shao Kahn’s bidding. Should he fail in his mission to secure Earthrealm, he will suffer the emperor’s wrath.

Shang Tsung voraciously consumed Shao Kahn’s soul, absorbing his immense power.

Overwhelmed by his newfound sorcery, he fled to Outworld. Moments before suicide, Shang Tsung was visited by Bo’ Rai Cho. The mentor of warriors offered to teach him to control the dark magic, but for a special purpose: Liu Kang had become a god. The power had corrupted him, transforming him into a tyrant. He needed to be stopped. After rigorous training, Shang Tsung mastered the one technique that could finish Liu Kang. Vengeance would finally be his.

Emperor Shao Kahn’s lust for power is matched only by his ruthlessness. Millennia ago he overthrew Onaga as ruler of Outworld and has conquered many other realms since. Eventually he turned his attention to Earthrealm. The Mortal Kombat tournament prevents him from taking the realm by force, but if Shao Kahn’s champions win 10 consecutive tournaments, Earthrealm will be his. As long as his champions Shang Tsung and Prince Goro do not fail him, he will be victorious.

Shao Kahn has no listed ending.

Sheeva is a member of the four-armed Shokan race. Her markings reveal that she is of the royal Draco lineage. Like all Shokan, she pledged her life to Shao Kahn, bringing honor to her race by serving him. During an attack by Edenian rebels on Shao Kahn’s fortress, Sheeva fiercely protected Queen Sindel and prevented her capture. She was subsequently appointed Sindel’s personal bodyguard until the queen’s mysterious death in Earthrealm. Sheeva is now the master jailer of Shao Kahn’s oppressive dungeon.

Sheeva had recognized the signs. Her people were out of favor and in decline. The Centaur would soon dominate Shao Kahn’s forces while the Shokan would move inexorably toward extinction.

Sheeva’s act of defiance, her murder of Shao Kahn, made possible a new home for her people among the mortals of Earthrealm–a world free of both Tarkatan and Centaur. With cooperation from world leaders, Sheeva secured for the Shokan the continent of Australia. In return, they would protect Earthrealm from future invasions. For her leadership Sheeva was exalted–the most honorable Shokan in their proud history.

The mother of Kitana, Queen Sindel was forced into marriage with Shao Kahn when he conquered her realm of Edenia. In an attempt to thwart the emperor’s designs on Earthrealm, she sacrificed herself. Her suicide created a magical ward preventing him from setting foot there. But now the barrier has been dissolved. Sindel has been resurrected, her mind enslaved by Shao Kahn. Earthrealm’s former ally has become a deadly threat.

The spell that bewitched Queen Sindel had been broken. She did battle with Shao Kahn and slew him— punishment for the suffering he brought upon her and millions of others throughout the realms.

She dissolved the sorcery that bound Edenia with Outworld and began restoring her realm to its former glory. The many races of Outworld were impressed. Not only had Sindel defeated Shao Kahn, but she had shown great leadership in chaotic times. They willingly offered her their allegiance. Under Sindel’s governance, the realms of Edenia and Outworld remain merged in spirit.

Originating from Prague, Tomas Vrbada was recruited by the Lin Kuei for his impressive ability to escape capture. Able to transform into a wisp of smoke, his talent has proved useful on countless missions. Smoke has no memory of his childhood. His only family is the Lin Kuei, more specifically the younger Sub-Zero, who is like a brother to him. It has been Smoke’s hope that through the Lin Kuei he will discover his past–and the origin of his power.

Shao Kahn’s violent death shook the very core of Smoke’s being and dislodged his earliest memories.

Tomas Vrbada was only a boy when he was abducted by an obscure cult and sacrificed to a demon. Burned alive, he returned to the mortal realm as an enenra, a creature of smoke and vapor. His captors were helpless against his shapeless form as he lashed out with rage, killing them all. His murder avenged, he returned to his human form, remembering nothing of his former life. Now aware of his true identity, Smoke understands he is no mere assassin. His destiny has been revealed.

As a girl, Sonya idolized her father, a U.S. Marine. When he embarked on a covert operation and never returned, she vowed to honor his memory. She joined the Marines and pushed herself hard, quickly rising in rank. Sonya’s impulsiveness didn’t win her many friends, but her skills and loyalty gained the respect and admiration of all who fought beside her. Though she has never given up her quest to uncover the truth behind her father’s disappearance, she realizes that she might never see him again. Now Sonya finds herself caught up in the mysterious Mortal Kombat tournament. Like her father, she too could become a casualty of war.

The loss of friends and allies during the battle with Shao Kahn took its toll on Sonya Blade’s sanity.

She left the Special Forces and went into seclusion to cope with her grief. But her solitude was brief as she found herself regularly visited by an apparition who claimed to be her missing father. With her father as a guide, Sonya embarked on a mission to exterminate what remained of Shao Kahn’s army.

One of New York City’s Finest, Stryker is a one-man SWAT team. He was once decorated for single-handedly thwarting the terrorists in the famous Greenberg Tower Incident, and again for rescuing passengers of a speeding crosstown bus rigged to explode. He was unprepared, however, for the magical portal that spewed forth creatures from another realm–a realm he didn’t even know existed. So far his kombat training has gotten him through the first wave of creatures. It’ll take more than rocket-launching Tarkatans to stop this die-hard cop.

Despite telling the world that he was simply doing his job, Stryker was made a hero for saving Earth from invasion.

He received both the key to city and the Congressional Medal of Freedom. Press and paparazzi hounded his every move. His biography spent a year on the best-seller lists. Stryker action figures flew off the shelves and into every young boy’s hand. But when approached by Hollywood for the rights to his story, Stryker put his foot down. Never would he allow himself to be portrayed by Johnny Cage.

An assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Kuai Liang commands the power of ice and cold. Unlike other members of his clan, he and his older brother, Bi-Han, were abducted as children by the Lin Kuei and trained in the techniques of assassination throughout their lives. Though his codename is Tundra, he has now assumed the mantle of Sub-Zero to honor his brother after Bi-Han’s mysterious death. With the help of his fellow Lin Kuei Smoke, Sub-Zero tirelessly hunts the one who killed his brother.

After the victory over Shao Kahn, Sub-Zero learned from Raiden the truth: that the Lin Kuei were ultimately responsible for the deaths of both Sub-Zero’s and Scorpion’s families.

Enraged, Sub-Zero offered Scorpion a chance to share in his quest for vengeance. With the might of fire and ice combined, they were a storm of vengeful fury as they cut down their foes. Once justice had been done…

… Sub-Zero and Scorpion disappeared into legend, emerging from obscurity only to avenge the innocent. The forces of darkness will never stop this Deadly Alliance.

Challenge Tower end game:

As seen in the challenge tower video, the mode is made of 300 missions. According to the devs, the last mission, known as end game, is a tedious one, but once you beat it, you receive an incredible prize.

According to the leak, end game is a mission where you will have to defeat, mileena, Goro, Kintaro and then shao khan without dying. Finishing the mission will grant you a new mileena outfit, dubbed “flesh pit costume”. This is the look mileena had when shown in her vignette, when she was born in the flesh pits of shang tsung. So basically, it is naked mileena with baraka blades.

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The Krypt:

Much like the 3D mk iterations, the game will feature a krypt system made of 500 koffins. each koffin unlocks a feature/bonus ranging from artwork to hidden fatalities. The content of 325 koffins out of the 500 were revealed through the same file. This includes, renders, paintings, fatalities, fighting options (such as playing in the dark or with no heads, as seen in the challenge tower video)


Aside from the stages that we saw before, the following arenas are also part of the game:

- The soul chamber

- The flesh pits

- Courtyard at night

- Shao khan’s throne room

- Hell (scorpion’s lair)

Finishing Moves:

Mortal Kombat will have more than just fatalities. That is right, both babalities and friendships appear to be in the game but hidden.

Story Mode:

The file shows the complete story of the game, from beginning to end. As you know, this game has been known to be a retelling of MK1 to 3 but with a twist. And what a twist, the story is really shocking if you are a fan of the series. Many things change in this game, and many famous fighters die for good.

I will not post the whole story, but i will write this outline with all the major events. If you do not want to spoil this mode do not read this:

The mode begins at the end of MK:Armageddon, with Shao khan about to kill rayden, on top of the pyramid of argus. In his last moments Rayden send a message to his former self, right before the beginning of the first mortal Kombat tournament. The story then cuts to MK1 with fighters on shang tsung island.

Here is a brief summary of the major evens of story mode:

- cage, liu and sonya meet.

- Human Cyrax, Human sektor and old sub zero were all hired by shang tsung to compete against earth heroes.

- Sonya is participating to save Jax who was captured before the tournament.

- Scorpion kills old subzero, even though Rayden tries to stop him.

- Quan chi is in the tournament (which makes no sense)

- Ermac and nightwolf are also competing in the first tournament.

- The tournament has no brackets, just people challenging each other.

- Kung Lao is in the tournament but posing as one of shang tsung’s guards

- Liu Kang defeats goro then Shang tsung.

- Li Kang wins the tournament, but rayden feels that something is not right, as he still sees vision about armageddon. he still hears a message that says “he must win” even though liu kang won. Rayden questions himself if there is someone else who must win.

- Old shang was about to get executed by the emporer before the latter asks him to hear his evils plan to lure the earthlem warrios into the outworld for a new tournament.

- The emperor agrees.

- earthrealm warriors go to outworld where they meet kitana, daughter of the emperor who will defect to earthlem once she learns that the emporer is not her father and that he killed her real father.

- Sonya gets captured, and jax is here for the rescue.

- Smoke and sub-zero are in outworld, looking for scorpion.

- Sub-zero defeats scorpion but is taken hostage by his own clan. Smoke escapes the capture (the original story had the complete opposite).

- Kitana is captured but then freed.

- Kung lao fights goro and wins the challenges shao khan.

- Shao khan kills kung lao

- Liu kang then defeats shao khan and wins mk2.

- Shao khan is not dead he is healed by quan-chi who also revived queen sindel (the former queen of outworld).

- The resurrection of sindel allowed khan to invade earth.

- stryker and kabal are two us cops.

- kabal was an ex black dragon criminal.

- During the invasion his face gets burned. Kano saves him and made shang tsung restore his wounds except his lung. Now kabal needs a respiratory system to survive.

- *Biggest WTF moment* Sub-zero has been transformed by the lin kei and is now a cyber robot (WTFFFFFFF). Smoke and jax stop robot sub zero and reprogrammed him to be good again ( What the effing FFF)

- cyber zero then meets his former brother who is now noob saibot and they fight. cyber zero wins.

- earth is loosing the fight. Kitana and nightwolf are both killed.

- Rayden asks the elder gods to interfere, but they refused by saying that there is no transgression of the rules yet, as shao khan did not take over earth yet.

- Liu kang wants to challenge shao khan but rayden told him no, defeating khan is just delaying the inevitable.

- Rayden goes to the netherrealm and ask quan chi to form an alliance with him in exchange of the fallen earthrealm warriors souls (kitana, nightwolf and kung lao)

- Quan chi tells him he already has their souls, thanx to shao khan.

- Rayden now knowing what needs to be done, goes back to liu kang and tells him that the only way to defeat shao khan is to let him take over earth. And once this happens, the elder gods will interfere and defeat shao khan.

- Liu kang enraged by rayden’s whacky words, calls him a mad god and attacks him. Rayden defeats liu kang and lets shao kahn take over earth realm.

- eventually as khan takes over earth, the elder gods appear and destroy shao khan for transgressing their rules.

- Rayden look at all the destruction caused and the cost earth warrios had to pay, so that he can be successful in his quest.

- the game ends with quan chi and shinnok talking about how everything went according to plan and that it is time to take over both earth and outworld.

My take on the story: While the story starts good it definetly goes whacky after khan’s invasion. The story was plagued by unexplained changes (why is quanchi in mk1???) and unneeded retcons that serve no purpose but to surprise people. Reading the story again makes me think of how big of a missed opportunity the story mode is.

Making sub-zero (one of the most iconic characters in mk) a robot is utterly disgusting and stupid. In the original story, Smoke was turned into a robot and sub-zero saved him regain his memories. Unlike the previous games, younger sub-zero is portrayed as a weak, naive man. The story mode starts with 2 sub-zeros by the end of it we have none (elder one becomes noob saibot and younger one becomes cyberzero). I will post my full review of story mode in the next few hours to come and why i think Ed-boon and co missed a big chance to win over new fans.

With the game only 5 weeks away, it is unfortunate and really surprising for Netherrealm studio to make such a huge mistake of having a file within a demo and containing everything there is about their upcoming game. While most of the contents sound great, the much anticipated and hyped story mode leaves a lot to be desired. With unnecessary retcons, unexplained changes and disrespectful treatment to iconic characters, the mortal kombat team are really shooting their feet on this one, making long time fans question the ability of NRS to tell a good story and if the ex mk team member and game co-creator Jhon tobias was the sould of the games story. RIP unmasked, scarred sub-zero, RIP princess kitana, RIP kung lao and nightwolf and more than anything, RIP the great story of MK1 to 3.

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